Ways to support the SPƵվ through fundraising

As a charity, we need fundraisers (people just like you!) to support and keep the doors of education open to people across England and Scotland.

Need some fundraising inspiration? We've got you covered below.

Organise a sponsored event

Could you, your family and friends do a read-a-thon, take part in a relay or hula-hoop for an hour each? Whatever your idea, we can help you flesh it out, support you in setting up a sponsorship page and help you share it with the world.

Get out your trainers (or make your sporty friends grab theirs!)

People who have entered into the London Marathon ballot will be hearing if they have a place soon. If you or any friends are successful, do let them know that they could run for the SPƵվ  and that we would love to support them! But it doesn’t have to be as far as that - with apps like and across the country, beginners could pledge to run 5K or 10K by the end of the year. That way, not only will you get outside and improve your health, but you'll also help learners across the UK. 

Get selling – are you a baker, or particularly crafty?

Whatever your skill, you could use it to do some good. Why not ask your workplace or your children or grandchildren’s schools to do a sale? It’s a fun way to raise money and will also let other people know about the SPƵվ’s work.

Have a clear-out to raise money 

Perfect if you're planning a spring-clean. You and your family could sell the items at a car boot sale, or online, and donate any money you raise to your favourite non-profit educators, aka us.

Be brave! 

Is there something that has been sitting on your bucket list that you haven’t got to yet? Take the plunge on a cold water swim or take the leap with a skydive; reach your personal goals and raise money at the same time.

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