Redressing inequality

For over 100 years, we have worked to 25, we have a renewed commitment to ensuring equality of opportunity and positive promotion of equality and diversity through our educational provision, our employment practices and in the democracy and governance of the SPƵվ.

Our action plan shows how we are trying to improve our practice at all levels of the SPƵվ; nationally, regionally and locally. We will measure its impact and seek feedback on our activities and consult with our learners, volunteers, staff, members and partners on how we are doing.

The trustees and senior managers of the SPƵվ are committed to ensuring that equality, diversity and inclusion are embedded in everything we do through a SPƵվ Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Scrutiny Panel. This panel is attended by trustees and senior managers. The job of the panel is to scrutinise and review our practice against the actions we have set out in the EDI Strategy.

Championing diversity

We have a network of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion champions who work across the SPƵվ to promote our work, share good practice and support staff, tutors and volunteers.

If you have any questions please contact our EDI group at [email protected].

SPƵվ equality diversity inclusion image