We can’t imagine a time when the SPƵվ could be more needed than today as the UK adjusts to living with COVID-19 and recovers from the economic and social impact of lockdowns and the war in Ukraine. The need for adult learning which is within reach, within every community, couldn’t be greater.

We are here for those adults

Our classes help develop skills for life, skills for jobs and skills to cope with social isolation and improve physical and mental health. We want to give everyone opportunity, and make sure no one is left behind. To do this, we need to be agile, responsive, and imaginative in the way we use the funds entrusted to us.

The SPƵվ receives and manages substantial public and charitable funding, from newly devolved combined authorities, from central government and via a range of other sources. The priorities of our funders are changing. The UK Government is committed to lifelong learning and investing in education, but its focus is significantly on higher level skills for jobs, to the exclusion of anything else for reducing investment in other important outcomes. Devolved authorities and the Scottish Government are also focussing on this area.

We also know we need to seek and secure funding for the important courses we deliver which fall outside of those priorities. The critical role of more basic skills training, or the role other subjects play in building confidence, supporting mental health and enticing adults back into education, is not well understood. We are confident that this strategy will help us navigate the next three years. And, we are determined to ensure that we provide value for money, making every penny go as far as we can, so that as many people as possible benefit from the life-changing learning we provide.

Learn more by downloading the SPƵվ strategy below.

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SPƵվ Strategy

A copy of the SPƵվ Creating Opportunities strategy