Who are the SPƵվ?

We are a leading adult education charity with a legacy that stretches back over a hundred years, having been founded back in 1903.

Our mission is to bring adult education within reach of everyone who needs it, fighting inequality and promoting social justice. 

Today, we continue to empower adults by bringing great teaching to local communities across England and Scotland, reaching tens of thousands of learners each year.  

We believe every adult from a variety of backgrounds should have access to education and its benefits right on their doorstep.

Video transcript

Jane, tutor
The SPƵվ is for anybody to come and learn whatever they are interested in.

Talent, tutor
It's designed for adults is made to capture adults interests and hobbies.

Rasha, tutor
We give people a chance we reach people where other organizations cannot reach them. Good morning everyone!

Online learners
Good morning!

Rasha, tutor
Did you have a good weekend?

Jane, tutor
It doesn't matter whether you're learning online or in the classroom you still get the same support, it's still face to face.

Talent, tutor
People learn when they belong and people learn when they are part of something.

Ian, learner
You get to build a community working alongside people that you can identify and relate to but also learning fantastic skills which are really vocationally led

Neela, learner
It's made a massive difference to my life it's been like my lifeline for so many years.

Denise, learner
I was feeling useless and coming here has given me all my confidence back again.

Ian, learner
I've got the fire in my belly now and i'm just so excited about the future!

Our teaching approach

We reach into communities where learners live and work to deliver learning in surroundings that they are familiar with and comfortable in.

Our smaller class sizes mean learners get more personal care, attention and support.

We teach to a person, not to a qualification or an award. 

Both online and in-person, we believe in keeping group sizes down, making it easier for our learners to speak up, get to know their group and get actively involved in learning and sharing their own expertise.

This also allows our experienced tutors to tailor their approach to the exact needs and interests of their tutor group.  

Between the expert tutor and a friendly and integrated tutor group, our learners develop a fantastic learning network and informal support safety net that on many occasions are with them for life.

Breaking down barriers

We are committed to removing any barriers, so that individuals can improve their own life chances and have a positive impact on their communities and society as a whole. 

We achieve this by working in partnership with over 100 community-based venues and local networks across the UK and with like-minded partners internationally. 

We also engage with those who make education policy and funding decisions across England and Scotland, so they understand the importance of education to our learners – be that getting into work, progressing at work, or keeping their minds active and their connection with their communities live.

We truly bring adult learning within reach.

I socialise a lot in the SPƵվ. I’ve met different people, and different friends. It means a lot to me. It’s improved my confidence…The SPƵվ does work – it’s a way forward for a lot of people here in our community.

Yasmeen, SPƵվ volunteer