Voting has now closed. Our winners are currently being selected and will be announced soon!

The SPƵվ awards are a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate our learners' fantastic accomplishments and the high-quality teaching and support provided by our tutors. 

This year’s awards fall in our 120th anniversary year and are an essential part of our 120th Birthday celebrations. We have a lot to celebrate after 120 years, and over the past year too! We could not be prouder of our tutors for the support they continue to give to our learners and all of our learner's individual achievements. 

Nominations are now open, so we need your help! Whether it's a learner who has reached a significant milestone or a tutor who has found new ways to teach and motivate their class, please nominate anyone who comes to mind (including yourself!).  

The SPƵվ Award Categories for 2023 are:

Learner Awards

  • SPƵվ Learner – Career success   

This learner has used their new skills to secure a job, start a new business, or progress at work.  


  • SPƵվ Learner – Academic excellence   

This learner has achieved academic excellence, or who has made significant academic progress.  


  • SPƵվ Learner – Community contribution   

This learner has used their new skills to make a significant contribution to their community – this may be their local community or in their student community, for example supporting their peers to make progress and support their success. 


  • SPƵվ Learner – Enhanced digital skills   

This learner has significantly enhanced their digital skills empowering them to connect with people, learn more and/or advance their career.  


  • SPƵվ Learner – Enhanced English (in memory of Olive Cordell)   

This learner whose second language is English, has made significant progress in their language skills, which is now enabling them to play an active role in the family, community and/or work.  


  • SPƵվ Learner – Multiply student of the year 

This learner has taken advantage of the SPƵվ Multiply Programme and made outstanding progress with development of their numeracy skills. 


  • SPƵվ Learner group of the year 

This group of learners have made outstanding progress or impact within their community, working as a team.   

Tutor Awards

  • SPƵվ Tutor – Learner support (in memory of Olive Cordell)   

This tutor has provided excellent learner support, allowing the learner to succeed in their studies or in life more generally.   


  • SPƵվ Tutor – Inspirational teaching   

This tutor has truly inspired their learners with their passion for their subject. 


  • SPƵվ Tutor – Teaching innovation   

This tutor has been innovative in their teaching approach, engaging their learners and supporting their success.   

Nomination process

Things to know

If you would like to nominate a learner, tutor, or to put yourself forward (as a learner or tutor), please complete and submit the nomination form before 5pm on Tuesday 1st August. 

Please note that nominations should be for learners who have studied with us, or tutors who have worked for us, since May 2022.

We will arrange a professional videographer to take photos and record an interview with all the award winners and will share their stories on our website and social media and with local media. Before making your nominations, please check that those you wish to nominate are comfortable with this.   

Selection process

All nominations will be judged by the following people:

  • Chair of Trustees   
  • CEO   
  • Chair of Council   
  • Director Quality and Learner Support   
  • Director for Scotland   
  • Director Membership, Marketing and Income Generation   

The judges' final decision will be shared with all those nominated in August, and the award winners will be invited to attend a celebration event in their local area. The date will be announced in due course.  

We will contact all nominees to let them know that they are being considered for an award. 

Before making your nominations, please check that those you wish to nominate are happy to be put forward and to participate in publicity around the awards.