There is power in a union

The SPƵվ has a longstanding tradition with trade unions in supporting, developing and educating your members.

Founded in 1903, we’ve been a key part of the labour movement for over a century.

We are a registered charity and largest provider of largest voluntary sector provider of adult education in the UK.

We work together with trade unions to empower your members and union reps through adult education. 

A flexible approach to learning

We can offer national online courses or courses in local venues. Our flexible approach means we can develop courses for union members that meet your specific needs and supports your members through different challenges.

Offering learning and skills as part of union membership can be an additional benefit for joining. 

Corporate social responsibility is at our core. We have a special mission to raise aspirations and develop educational opportunities for the most disadvantaged.

This includes providing basic maths, English and IT skills for employment.  

Courses for union members and reps

We offer a range of courses that can meet the needs of trade union members including:  

Facing change together

Redundancy support, reskilling, employability,

Promoting success and progress

Digital skills, functional skills, ESOL, retraining, leadership and management,

Creating healthy workplaces

Stress, wellbeing, health and safety courses, workers' rights and labour exploitation, 

Lifelong learning

Arts and crafts: humanities, sciences, languages and culture.

What's next for your members?

Many of our standard courses are government-funded, so will come at no extra cost for your members.

We also offer bespoke courses for your union that are competitively priced to ensure union learning remains affordable for all.

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