The SPƵվ leadership team will be continuing our engagement with national and regional decision makers and the MPs, Councillors and other officials that influence them.

We will attempt to break the sound barrier, to capture the interest and coverage of the national and regional media.

We know that our most powerful evidence comes in the form of our learners’ stories. Each one of you knows which of the 10 funding outcomes your SPƵվ learning has provided. Your stories in your words is what will get us the cut through.

We’ll back this up with statistical evidence of the need and impact of SPƵվ learning.

The 10 funding framework outcomes

  1. Increased confidence
  2. Improved skills for progressing to further learning
  3. Improved skills for work
  4. Improved essential skills
  5. Improved ability to support a child's learning
  6. Improved physical health
  7. Improved mental health and wellbeing
  8. Improved skills to participate in community life
  9. Increased understanding of democratic values
  10. Improved skills for independent living

How can you help?

If you think you have a great story which demonstrates one of the 10 outcomes and you are happy for us to use it in our media campaigns, please contact [email protected].

There may also be opportunities to meet candidates at local hustings, perhaps speak with them through phone-ins or listening through local radio, and they may even come to your door canvassing.

You don't need to remember key statistics or policy demands, simply tell them about what your courses have meant to you and encourage them to continue funding more. The key message is to please keep adult education in reach.

What you could do if candidates turn up at your door

If you have the opportunity to interact with candidates, you might want to tell them:

  • Your personal story of why adult learning is important to you
  • How it has improved your life
  • How it might continue to do so if the Government maintains the funding for courses such has those you have benefitted from

You might also want to ask:

  • If elected, how they will fund adult learning in community venues which support disadvantaged learners? You might want to add that not all adult learners feel comfortable learning in traditional education venues such as colleges.
  • Will they support adult learning for health and wellbeing and to strengthen community ties, as well as learning for work?

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