The effects of learning are wider-reaching than you may think... Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of education for: 

  • Boosting your mood and overall health 
  • Growing your community and friendship circle 
  • Learning something new and enjoying a sense of achievement 

Education for your mental and overall health

Firstly, learning as an adult is very different from when you were at school. You are in charge of what you learn, when you learn and how you learn. You won't have to do any homework or answer questions during lessons. You can contribute as little or as much as you want.

Likewise, you can get as little or as much help as you want from our tutors. That's the beauty of our courses; they are adapted and designed to suit your needs.

Another major benefit of adult learning is the effect it has on your wellbeing. Research has shown that people who take part in adult education make far fewer visits to their GP. This saves the NHS an estimated £1.6m! This means that not only is learning good for you, but it’s also likely to be good for your community to. 

The benefits of collaborative learning for growing your community

Why is learning important? As well as gaining skills, studying with fellow classmates will also help you grow your friendship circle. It's this community element that makes learning new things particularly attractive for anyone who might be feeling a little isolated.

In 2025/6, research is expecting that people aged 50+ will feel lonely. This represents a 49% increase from the 1.4 million who experienced loneliness in 2016/7.

And loneliness isn’t just something that impacts older people. The has shown that 95% of young people feel lonely. But only 35% are confident to talk about it. 

That was definitely the case for Selma. Selma built up a group of close friends at her SPƵվ ESOL courses. Her story is a great example of the positive impact that building connections can have on our mental and physical health.  

Learning a new skill alongside people with similar interests makes you more likely to make friends and build a support network. But, you don't have to leave your house to grow your community at the SPƵվ. You can still enjoy the benefits of online learning while meeting new people with our wide range of online courses.

Why it's good to learn for a sense of achievement 

What better way to boost your mood than by learning something new? Perhaps you want to improve your cooking or develop your history knowledge. Maybe you want to become more creative or try your hand at gardening.

Whatever it is you choose, the benefits remain the same. That sense of pride you'll feel when you accomplish a new technique or grow your skills is hard to compare. And it's a benefit you'll get time and time again if you choose to keep learning.

Starting out on a new adventure can feel a little daunting. But imagine the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel at the end. Something to show for all your hard work. The feeling of learning is difficult to beat! 

With hundreds of SPƵվ courses to choose from, the best time to start is now. See the benefits of learning a language, exploring your creativity, becoming more mindful or whatever it is you fancy learning.

Explore what learning is taking place near you and join in.  

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