What is the Prevent duty?

The SPƵվ are committed to safeguarding learners and other stakeholders from becoming radicalised, or being drawn into terrorism.

Our vision and values as an organisation commit us to promote:

  • democracy,
  • equality,
  • individual liberty,
  • mutual respect, and
  • tolerance

For the many cultures, faiths and beliefs found in Britain today.

We recognise and explore both the benefits and the challenges of the rule of law.

These are the values, defined by the government, as British values and are part of the Prevent Duty.

Our approach in the SPƵվ is to integrate the Prevent Duty

We do this with:

  • good teaching and learning,
  • encouraging learners to engage critically and actively around their study,
  • promoting our values, mission and purpose,
  • ensuring that equality, diversity and inclusion are embedded in everything we do,
  • encourage learners to become members of the SPƵվ, be active citizens, and contribute to their communities.

There are many similarities between the government’s list of British values, and ours, so we incorporate both into our teaching and learning.

The SPƵվ encourages anyone to raise concerns in relation to the Prevent Duty, such as:

  • concerns about individuals who they feel are being groomed, or
  • being drawn towards fundamentalist beliefs that lead towards oppressive behaviours and/or terrorism.

How do I report a Prevent concern?

If anyone has concerns about their own safety, or the safety and well-being of others, they should contact the Regional or National Safeguarding Officer.

They will explore your concerns and if necessary report them to professional organisations for appropriate action.

Find the Safeguarding contact details here.

For more information on the SPƵվ Safeguarding Policy, visit our policies page.

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